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Hallo! Lovely to meet you.

Name? Paige

Age? 15

Location? Michigan

Favorite series/movies? (minimum - 5, maximum - 10) (Explaining why may help us in the decision making process) Right now I am currently in love with the series One Piece. The plot really draws me in because I love the thought of pirates. Im a romantic so I like to look at the more innocent side of them. I like the Japanese version better. People are able to die, sanji has a cigarette instead of a lollipop, and smokers mouth is no longer open for no reason at all.

other than that though..

1. Azumanga Diaoh: I cant help it, the random situations and freaky cat things just make it funny beyond reason.

2.Chobits:I adore the art and anything by clamp is just so beautiful.

3. Cowboy bebop- another first, I love the characters and the futuristic setting.

 4.fruits basket- I believe I only like this because I love the manga so much. They somewhat mess with the anime but I love seeing my favorite books in action.

5.Princess Mononoke: I dont know what to say, Its just a gorgeous movie. I've watched it repeatedly and i still cant help but be in awe of certain scenes.

6. Samurai champloo: The movement of the animation and the music is lovely. Its like a mix of modern beats with crazy sword fighting.

7.: Paradise Kiss: Once again I love the art. I think thats what attracts me with most animes. Plus I love the style that goes along with it.

8.: Gilgamesh: Ooooh this is a creepy one but I love it notheless.

9.: Inuyasha: Though the plot seems to run in circles and I despise the ending the fillers were fun and the voice actors were well matched.

10.: Tenjou tenge.: Great anime, the art and action is great. the plot is a little choppy but ive overlooked that.

. Least Favorite series/movie? I dont like the anime Hikaru no go, or ghost in a shell. I dont think theyre bad, I only havent been able to get interested in them, so I put them at the bottom of my list in a manner of speaking.

Favorite scene/s from an anime (if you think there's a spoiler, name the anime, and then type the description afterwards in a white font)? I'm normally a very unviolent person but I cant help but love any fight scene where the movement seems so smooth it almost flows, in my opinion, like the fight scenes in samurai champloo.

 Favorite genre of anime? Actoin/romance is my favorite. Most of the time it includes the other neccesisties such as drama and comedy.

Favorite anime soundtrack? Ohh all th one piece songs, and Most definatly paradise kiss songs.

What was it that got you hooked on anime? I first saw tenchi muyo at a freinds house,then read the manga. I tryed to draw the characters because I loved the style and had never seen it before, but failed. Soon I became determined to learn this new and mysterious style so I watched more anime, started getting into the plot, and eventually became hooked. I've now developed my own style and am happy to say my drawings are better now.

Do you draw or write fan-fic? I love to draw, but im not great or anything yet(im studying art but it seems i just dont get any better..) and I can write...but not very well.

heres a sample of my style, but I've learned alot since I drew it. I can color now.


Would you consider yourself an Otaku? I dont know the definition of Otaku, I'd look it up, but Im too lazy. Im a big fan of anime,I spend more time doing things realated to it than anything else other than lacross(a lovely sport) so I suppose from what I've heard of otaku(which isnt much, i see it but dont see definitions...(bein lazy again)) I may be one.

Do you read Manga (or anything similar)? If so, what series is your favorite? All of the same series that are my favorite animes. Do you attend anime(ish) conventions? If so, have you ever Cos-played? In a few days I will be going to my first convention ever! And I shall cosplay as chopper from one piece! I have a lovely hat and little rain deer hooves that make silly noises when I walk.

Do you own any cool anime-based stuff? I have nothing, where I live no one knows anime exists, its dreadful here. I feel so lonely.

How'd you hear about our community? Well..I just saw it on someones profile, and it made me curious.

Subbed or dubbed(English)? Subbed. I adore messed up subs,they can be annoying but hearing the characters say random things just cheers me up sometimes, plus I know some japanese so I can simly listen if the subs get too off-track. Some english dubs are nice though, I justhavent heard many.

For one day, and one day only, Non-Ugly Anime has granted you the power to become an anime character. Who are you? hmmm....I'd say spike from cowboy bebop. I dont know why. Just came to me. I like his hair a bit. Its a nice shape, nice color. Yes. Him.

Series you are trying to finish right now? one piece, and I'm having a hard time translating because I'm still in a japanese class. I only know half the words I should. I do believe my sensei hates me.

Series that you keep coming back to? Bleach. I dont have any particular feelings for it, but I like to watch it.

Why do you enjoy anime as opposed to other types of "shows"? Basicly I like the art and the plots. Its stuff I'm not used to seeing on american Tv

If you could take any anime male/female to bed with you for one night, who would it be? Pauli from Onepiece. Do you watch AMVs? If so, which one is your favorite? I dont get to watch them because my comeputer refuses to play them.

Do you approve of all the anime that is being brought to Cartoon Network? Why or why not? Sometimes I do and sometimes I dont. It depends on what they cut or add.I dont really watch Cartoon network anymore though since they as good as cancelled my favorite shows.

Anything you would like to say to prove that you're actually an anime fan, or something to make you stand out to us as far as anime is concerned? Also, what will you bring to this community if accepted?

I've somehow gotten half my classmates at my school to like anime, and even have two teachers requesting for fanart for their class rooms since I got to my school? I attempted to sew a cosplay costume for a freind while in the hospital for takin in too much smoke after my house burnt down(no one was hurt)And i can contribute by drawing, cosplaying, and making icons or freinds only banners. Plus, I'm cuddly.

 Please post at least 3 pictures of yourself, and a 100x100 incase you get accepted. No links please.

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yep. Thats it.

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