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First off, let me thank roonzilwazlib for applying and reminding me this community is here.

I am currently watching the first volume of Samurai 7. It's basically Akira Kurosawa's The Seven Samurai, animated, set vaguely somewhere in the future, and injected with a few anime cliches to make it more culturally relevant to today's anime-/movie-going generation. Being a fan of Kurosawa's work, I was both leery and excited to hear of this adaptation, and promptly borrowed the first volume from Netflix.

So far I am satisfied with it both as an anime and as an adaptation of the original movie.

The animation leaves much to be desired--poorly integrated CG mixed with lazy 2D animation is a pet peeve. However, the story is quite good so far, even taking into account that the basic plot is borrowed. The main character is a little weak for my tastes, but as this is only the second episode, and since she has already been perceived as a threat to the typically strange-but-pretty-and-vice-versa villain, I am sure she will grow a spine and accompanying personality forthwith. <b>Edit:</b> Well, I think I'm halfway through the second episode and already there are robot samurai and a base-jumping priestess. Barring any dips in plot-quality further down the line, I'd say that this is a good series.

I'd give more details, but I don't want to spoil anything for anyone else who is curious about the series. I'll update as I see more of each episode.

Has anyone seen more of Samurai 7 and willing to share opinions?

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