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New Application

Name? Mel

Age? 21

Location? Indianapolis, IN

Favorite series/movies? (minimum - 5, maximum - 10) (Explaining why may help us in the decision making process)

Cowboy Bebop - Beautiful series. I loved the music the most, the animation and the characters were great, and the story had me hooked. The actions sequences, especially in the movie were amazing.

Samurai Champloo - It was different, beautifully rendered art, great soundtrack. I loved the characters, and the colorful storylines.

Berserk - It's a an old series yet one of the greatests, imo. Cool characters that you watch grow and reach a sad conclusion. I like some of the elements it had that you wouldn't see in other animes.

Monster - AMAZING suspenseful series. I'm hooked. It's set in Germany and I'm learning stuff about specific history and culture there, which is something I love in anime.

Samurai 7 - I loved the diversity of the characters, the fact that the story is based on a very famous movie which a concept that's been copied several times. The animation was nice too(it better be, since they spent so much on it)

Macross Plus - I'm a Shinichiro Watanabe fan. All his works have been an amazing blend of story, art, characters, and music. This was one of his first and it never gets old.

Bleach - I love the art, the music, and just about every character is appealing and I've grown attached. I love it's diversity and I love the positive messages it gives whenever Ichigo(or another character) is discouraged.

Eureka 7 - Another lovely anime with great diverse characters. I like character driven animes and this one was very bittersweet. Shoji Kawamari is another favorite director, and his designs were a main part of this anime.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - I wasn't too keen on the character art, but the dialogue was hilarious and the story was wonderful. The fact that they purposefully played the episodes out of order added to the uniqueness of this series.

Gantz - It was insane. Any attachment I had to characters ended in disappointment, but the animation was great, the music, and the story was enough to keep me hooked(I still don't know what the hell Gantz is).

Least Favorite series/movie? I randomly bought this OVA called "Garney's Wing" or something like that, from the creators of Gundam. It almost made me cry.

Favorite scene/s from an anime (if you think there's a spoiler, name
the anime, and then type the description afterwards in a white font)?

Ones off the top of my head:
Samurai X: When Kenshin said "I will protect thy wife", that whole scene was breathtaking
Cowboy Bebop: Spike falling through the church window with "Blue Bird" playing and the flashbacks.
-CB the movie with Spike falling out the train with "Powder" playing.
Eureka 7: Gidget and Moondoggie in the mines, a nice little sensual scene.
-When Renton went on a killing spree
Samurai Champloo: When Mugen got high
-Jin walking up the mountain at the end
-Mugen slaughtering Kohza's friend to "The Million Way of the Drums"
Samurai 7: the whole opening war sequence
Trigun: heheh when Vash stripped and barked like a dog, classic moment.

Favorite genre of anime? probably surreal and psychological, followed by sci-fi, then historical

Favorite anime soundtrack? anything by Yoko Kanno (Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell, Escaflowne, Macross Plus, Earth Girl Arjuna, Wolf's Rain), and the Samurai Champloo OSTs

What was it that got you hooked on anime? Well once upon a time, I used to get up early everyday and watch 'Sailor Moon' XD. It was different from all other morning cartoons at the time, and I just couldn't stop watching. I slowly found other series like it.

Do you draw or write fan-fic? I write more than I draw. A few Samurai Champloo and Bleach ficlets here and there. I just finished Eureka 7 and I'll probably write about that soon.

Would you consider yourself an Otaku? Not really. I'm kind of new to everything.

Do you read Manga (or anything similar)? If so, what series is your favorite? I mostly read manga for the art. Right now: Bleach, and Blame!. Blame! especially is amazing in detail.

Do you attend anime(ish) conventions? If so, have you ever Cos-played? Sadly, no. I have no one to go with, and hardly none to go to, stupid Indiana.

Do you own any cool anime-based stuff?
Er, well I used to work at Suncoast and when they closed down, I got these:

But I'm selling them now.

How'd you hear about our community? Just searching interests and decided to try it out.

Subbed or dubbed(English)? Depends. I usually like the original Japanese, but there are certain english VAs that I like hearing, like Steve Blum(of course), Crispin Freeman, David Matranga, Greg Ayres, Kirk Thornton, Shelley Calene-Black, and Wendee Lee. I get excited when I see their names on a series.

For one day, and one day only, Non-Ugly Anime has granted you the power to become an anime character. Who are you? eeeep, either Fee Carmichael from 'Planetes' or Gidget from 'Eureka 7'. I share qualities(and faults) with both.

Series you are trying to finish right now? 'Monster', and 'Ergo Proxy'-I'm loving all the references in it.

Series that you keep coming back to? Samurai Champloo and Cowboy Bebop

Why do you enjoy anime as opposed to other types of "shows"? "Other shows" have the same old predictable story, the same types of characters. With animes there's variety, so many different elements and styles and themes that you wouldn't see anywhere else.

If you could take any anime male/female to bed with you for one night, who would it be? Ohohohoho~ probably Mugen.

Do you watch AMVs? If so, which one is your favorite? I'm not sure if it counts as anime, but the "Cloud's Dream" trilogy is hilarious.

Do you approve of all the anime that is being brought to Cartoon Network? Why or why not? Welll, I like it on ADULT SWIM for the fact that it brings the genre to people who normally wouldn't have access to it. Otherwise, the editting, horrible dubs, and ignorant fans that get into them can be painful.

Anything you would like to say to prove that you're actually an
anime fan, or something to make you stand out to us as far as anime is concerned? Also, what will you bring to this community if accepted?
Well I'm a graphic design major, hoping to work for ADV or BangZoom! some day. I'm not sure if I can bring anything different to the table, but I'd love to discuss animes with fellow fans. Living here, there's not many around at all.

Please post at least 3 pictures of yourself, and a 100x100 incase you get accepted. No links please. </center>

The taller one.


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