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Name? carolyn

Age? 18 in june

Location? connecticut

Favorite series/movies? (minimum - 5, maximum - 10) (Explaining why may help us in the decision making process) naruto, love hina, the one piece, bleach, and shippuden. naruto and shippuden because, well, ninjas...they're awesome. and sexy no jutsu! love hina because its fun to watch the failings of a hormonal teenage guy with the wrong girls. the one piece because i like pirates, and people with strange powers. like the stretching. oh, and the sword guy is hot. and bleach because, idunno, i just think it's cool.

Least Favorite series/movie? um...i haven't watched any i didn't really like.

Favorite scene/s from an anime (if you think there's a spoiler, name
the anime, and then type the description afterwards in a white font)?
naruto i like the scene where naruto fights sasuke, the cool one where sasuke uses the power he got from orochimaru and naruto is the ninetails fox.

Favorite genre of anime? genre? um...i guess whatever pirates/ninjas is. i don't know what that would be...action? yeah, probably action.

Favorite anime soundtrack? naruto OST

What was it that got you hooked on anime? my boyfriend watched naruto, i tried one once and got hooked.

Do you draw or write fan-fic? yes. i draw naruto sometimes, and i wrote a short story once.

Would you consider yourself an Otaku? not really, no.

Do you read Manga (or anything similar)? If so, what series is your favorite? yes, and hana kimi: for you in full blossom

Do you attend anime(ish) conventions? If so, have you ever Cos-played? i'd like to, but i haven't. to both of them.

Do you own any cool anime-based stuff? um...i don't think so.

How'd you hear about our community? my friend ingrid, she told me to join. =P

Subbed or dubbed(English)? subbed. dubbed is often crappy, like in naruto. whats up with believe it?

For one day, and one day only, Non-Ugly Anime has granted you the power to become an anime character. Who are you? kakashi! because i don't really have any favorite female characters. and kakashi is awesome. (from naruto)

Series you are trying to finish right now? one piece

Series that you keep coming back to? shippuden!

Why do you enjoy anime as opposed to other types of "shows"? its just...awesome. the artwork is cool, the things they say are cool, and...idunno. its just better. and i don't watch TV at all, i just watch animes online.

If you could take any anime male/female to bed with you for one night, who would it be? kakashi ^^

Do you watch AMVs? If so, which one is your favorite? hmm. there was one about final fantasy to "every time we touch", does that count? i definitely like them though.

Do you approve of all the anime that is being brought to Cartoon Network? Why or why not? i don't watch cartoon network. :P

Anything you would like to say to prove that you're actually an
anime fan, or something to make you stand out to us as far as anime is concerned? Also, what will you bring to this community if accepted?
i was going to walk around the mall in a rikku costume once, never got the chance to, but yeah. i would totally cosplay in a normal area. and...i doubt i'll bring anything. well, i guess i'd post on things i knew about. like, i like anime a lot, but i don't watch all that much of it, in relation to just how many shows and things there are. i'm not sure if games count as anime, but...I LOVE FINAL FANTASY. IT IS AWESOME. THE BEST GAMES IN THE WORLD. ok, i'm done. but yeah. if that counts, if you aren't just about the shows and manga...then i'd totally comment on final fantasy things. probably. sometimes i'm apathetic, and don't feel like taking the effort to post things. ooh! but yeah. so my boyfriend just told me some things that would totally be awesome for this group. yup. i could post my fanart, and that short story i wrote, which is GAY PORN ABOUT KAKASHI AND JIRAIYA! its not actually that bad, its not that porn-ish...its more funny than sexy...but yeah. my friend made me write it. and i know how much that would help out this group. :D

Please post at least 3 pictures of yourself, and a 100x100 incase you get accepted. No links please.

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