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Name? Lynzie

Age? Sixteen

Location? Massachusetts

Favorite series/movies? (minimum - 5, maximum - 10) (Explaining why may help us in the decision making process)
1. Gungrave - Along with the amazing illustration, the story line was amazing. It's one of these animes where the good guy doesn't always come out on top. And I didn't expect the ending at all.
2. Elfen Lied - The first subbed anime I ever watched. Gory as all hell, and nudity. But besides that, this anime should be a classic. I instantly fell in love with anime after watching this series.
3. Bleach - Fuck naruto. It's nothing compared to bleach. Bleach isn't full of fillers, and the bounto arc wasn't even that bad at all. I can't say much about the series overall, since it's still continuing, but I've fallen in love with the characters and the direction the story is going in now.
4. Gantz - I didn't enjoy the ending, because it's not clear whether or not Kai dies. I'll probably end up reading the manga though. xP. Another gory anime, not all lovey-dovey, and the main character looses everything he has. I like the animes where it's not put on you so easily, even when you want the "happily ever after" ending.
5. Rozen Maiden - Ahh. The drawings in this anime were amazing. The best I've ever seen. Even though the concept of the anime sounds a bit dull, it picks up quickly. As I watched it, it seemed like the dolls were their own persons, when in reality, they weren't. The ending was quite tradgic aswell, but it has it's good to it.
6. Loveless - stfu if you're not into yaoi. It's not hxc or anything, so yeah. This anime is one that got to my heart, that disillusion of love. When someone is told to love someone else, because following their masters directions was what they were destined. Ahh. Loved this anime.
7. Hellsing - I just started watching this anime, but it's fucking amazing so far. I have no idea where it's going to go.

Least Favorite series/movie? The FMA movie. I liked the series though.

Favorite scene/s from an anime (if you think there's a spoiler, name
the anime, and then type the description afterwards in a white font)?
Humm... gawd.. The ending of gungrave... |spoiler:[Where "Beyond the Grave", or I think more properly named Brandon Heat, dies with his best friend by his side, even through all that had happened. Even though Brandon loved Maria and was family of the mafia, he had to pull his friend down to get that peace he looked for all along.]

Favorite genre of anime? Action/Drama?

Favorite anime soundtrack?Does the Kingdom Hearts 1&2 soundtrack count?

What was it that got you hooked on anime?

Do you draw or write fan-fic? Never tried it to be honest.

Would you consider yourself an Otaku? I sleep normally and I don't watch anime 24/7. So no. That would be kinda odd. Although I probably wouldn't mind it.

Do you read Manga (or anything similar)? If so, what series is your favorite? Haven't read manga yet. Too poor.

Do you attend anime(ish) conventions? If so, have you ever Cos-played? I'm going to a convention (my first) in october, and I'm going to cosplay Matsumoto Rangiku from Bleach.

Do you own any cool anime-based stuff? I have DVD's, a shirt, a copy of Animerica... nothing too extreme, yet.

How'd you hear about our community? Google. I was looking up bleach emoticons.

Subbed or dubbed(English)? Subbed FTW.

For one day, and one day only, Non-Ugly Anime has granted you the power to become an anime character. Who are you? Uhh... Fuck. Brandon Heat from gungrave.

Series you are trying to finish right now? Bleach/Hellsing. If I ever get unlazy i'll finish trigun and chobits.

Series that you keep coming back to? A few weeks ago that was gantz.

Why do you enjoy anime as opposed to other types of "shows"? Because anime isn't shy with things like american television shows are. There isn't always that "lesson learned" factor at the end of every episode, and I love japenese culture. It's interesting. You can tell they look up at us, and the things we do. Most anime characters are white. (Not to sound racist, but the population of japenese/whites in japan must weigh hevaly over to the japenese side.)

If you could take any anime male/female to bed with you for one night, who would it be?Oh dayumn. Byakuya from bleach.

Do you watch AMVs? If so, which one is your favorite? I don't have a favorite, but I watch AMV's once in a while.

Do you approve of all the anime that is being brought to Cartoon Network? Why or why not?I love bleach. Not dubbed though. I hate dubbed, and 'cut by america' anime. Look what they did to Naruto. ;-;

Anything you would like to say to prove that you're actually an
anime fan, or something to make you stand out to us as far as anime is concerned? Also, what will you bring to this community if accepted?
I can carry out conversations about anime series, and yeah. I'm a fan. You either believe me or you don't. What makes me stand out? Most people never expect me to be into anime or video games. Nevarr. And if I'm accepted? I'll check out the page whenever I can, and post when I feel necessary. I'll be honest in saying I can't bring anything superfuckingamazing to this community, but I can be an active participant.

Please post at least 3 pictures of yourself, and a 100x100 incase you get accepted. No links please. </center>

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