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Non-ugly Anime Lovers

Actual anime lovers...who are actually non-ugly.

Non-Ugly Anime Lovers
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1. Do not post anything other than your app until you have been approved by a mod. Feel free to comment on your own application though.

2. When discussing anime in the community, make sure to use an lj-cut for any spoilers. So...if you wanna discuss the scene where ****** dies, make sure to stick it under that.

3. Don't complain about people being mean to you during your application phase. We're an anime community....but we're also a rating community. So even if you're fluent in Japanese and have seen every anime ever created...if you're ugly....then you're not going to get in. Deal with it.

4. Treat accepted members with a certain level of respect. Even if you voted "no" on their app, and they still somehow managed to squeeze in the community...it's time to regard them with a certain level of decency.

5. We run on a democracy. So basically, if 10 people vote "no" and 9 people vote "yes", you're still not getting in.

6. The mods have the right to ban/reject applicants for being morons. If we feel that you've done something completely out of line, you will be told so.

7. Wait at least a week before trying to re-apply.

8. Discuss anime. The superbowl has nothing to do with this community. We're obviously not going to be nazi's, but try and keep it within the relative circle of "anime" oriented issues.

9. Posting hentai is probably a bad idea.

10. Please post your application under an LJ-cut.

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